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Improves imagination. We use artificial intelligence to weave the elements your kid chooses into a story that helps improve your kid's imagination in the directions they're interested.

Improves storytelling. Parents report that kids who create these stories end up becoming better storytellers themselves.

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StoryBird lets your child choose three elements and creates a custom story featuring your child, narrated in the voice of the host of Maked Up Stories.

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Savi and the Magic Book

By Joe

Savi and a lost koala go on a magical adventure around the world, guided by a speaking parrot and a glowing book. They brave harsh terrains and hostile animals to reunite the koala with its family, forming bonds and creating unforgettable memories along the way. Savi learns the joys of adventure and the magic of the world around her, setting her on a path of lifelong exploration.


Tyler's Magical Adventure

By Orsa Lia

"Tyler and the Enchanted Treehouse" is an enthralling children's adventure story about a curious and brave young boy who discovers a magical world in a treehouse deep in the forest. As Tyler explores the magical world, he discovers his hidden abilities and meets unique and friendly creatures, including a unicorn. However, his adventure takes a dark turn when he encounters a wicked witch in an old and mysterious mansion. Tyler must use his magical abilities and newfound bravery to overcome the challenges and defeat the witch to save himself and the enchanted forest. This story is an imaginative and inspiring tale of courage, bravery, and the power of magic.


Olette's Magical Adventure

By Jess

"Olette and the Unicorns" is a charming story about a curious and imaginative little girl who discovers a secret cave filled with magic and wonder. Inside the cave, she meets a group of majestic unicorns that she befriends by winning their trust through kindness. Together, they explore the magical and whimsical possibilities of the cave, creating fantastic buildings and playing together. The story is an enchanting and delightful adventure that shows the power of friendship and the joy of imagination.


The Island of Sweet Delights: A Journey of Adventure and Friendship

By Aparna

A young boy named Emery embarks on a magical adventure to the Island of Sweet Delights, where he discovers an island covered in lollipops, an ice cream mountain, and a glowing red cake that can save the day. Along the way, he makes new friends, learns important life lessons, and becomes a hero to the elves of the island.


The Adventure of Asher and the Friendly Soldiers

By StoryBird

Six-year-old Asher, who lives in Glendale, CA, sets off on an incredible adventure when he joins forces with a group of friendly soldiers in an army museum. Together, they embark on a journey to find a lost treasure, encountering obstacles and battling against an evil sorcerer along the way. With bravery and determination, they finally reach the treasure, a magical hourglass that controls time, and use it to help others in need. Through their journey, Asher and the friendly soldiers become lifelong friends, embarking on a timeless adventure filled with wonder and excitement.


Paige and the Enchanted Ballet

By Sophie

Paige, a young girl with a passion for ballet, dreams of becoming a prima ballerina. With the help of her mentor, Sophie, Paige discovers a magical kingdom that teaches her the secrets of ballet greatness. After tirelessly practicing, Paige is able to perform in front of the Ballet Gods and prove herself worthy of becoming a prima ballerina, ultimately receiving a silver tiara as her reward. This story is a testament to the power of hard work, dedication, and believing in oneself.


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