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Besties Forever

a story by Prashasthi

Besties Forever

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by Prashasthi

Created on 25 May, 2023

Sejal and Prashasthi have always been inseparable. They're the best of friends, and they've got the friendship bracelets to prove it. But when Sejal accidentally breaks a vase at Prashasthi's house, things start to go awry. Sejal feels embarrassed and unwelcome, and worries that she's lost her bestie forever. However, Prashasthi stands up for Sejal and refuses to let their friendship crumble. Together, they learn that true friendship means standing up for each other and supporting one another through thick and thin. As they embark on a friendship bracelet project, they realize that their friendship is stronger than ever before. Join these two besties on their journey to becoming besties forever in this heartwarming tale.


The End.

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