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Jezzele's Adventures in the Wild

a story by Sejal

Jezzele's Adventures in the Wild

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by Sejal

Created on 25 May, 2023

Join Jezzele, a curious and adventurous 10-year-old girl, on an exciting journey in the Canadian wilderness. Follow her and her best friend Jessica as they take care of an injured baby bear, learn about animal habitats, and work together to release him back into the wild. Discover the beauty of nature with Jezzele on a camping trip to a lake-side cabin where they encounter a sudden storm and get lost on the trail. Will Jezzele be able to keep herself and her friend safe in this dangerous situation? Follow the exploits of Jezzele and her friends and find out how she discovers her bravery and love for animals in this heartwarming children's book.


The End.

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