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The Cement Path

a story by Saskia

The Cement Path

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by Saskia

Created on 25 May, 2023

When a 76-year-old girl visits her grandparents next door for the summer, she notices their reclusive neighbor struggling to build a new cement path in his garden. She offers to help, and together they bond over their love of gardening. As they work together, the old man begins to share stories of his past, including how he lost his love in a tragic fire. The girl encourages him to try again, but the old man is scared to open his heart. A wildfire threatens the old man's cottage, and as they try to evacuate, the girl searches for a picture of the old man's lost love. The old man finally overcomes his fear, and together they make a daring escape. In the aftermath, the old man realizes he can love again, and with the girl's help, he writes a proposal to his old love's sister. Will he finally find true love again?


The End.

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