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The Friendship Garden

a story by Prashasthi

The Friendship Garden

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by Prashasthi

Created on 25 May, 2023

Sejal and Prashasthi are two best friends who love dancing. But when Sejal injures herself before their school's annual talent show, their performance seems doomed. Can they overcome the physical challenge and come up with a creative solution to still shine on stage? After the talent show, the girls face another challenge when some kids make fun of Prashasthi's accent, but Sejal stands up for her friend and soon they embark on a new project together: creating a community garden at their school. Though planning and implementing the garden proves challenging, the girls learn that with teamwork and determination, they can make a difference and make lasting friendships in the process. Join Sejal and Prashasthi on their journey to discover that friendship is what makes everything beautiful!


The End.

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