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The Sétif Penguin Flyers

a story by messai

The Sétif Penguin Flyers

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by messai

Created on 25 May, 2023

Latif has a passion for soccer and a fascination for penguins. When he discovers a book about penguins, Latif's teacher encourages him to read more and learn about different cultures. Inspired, Latif incorporates penguins into his soccer team's name and works hard to win a local tournament. However, when his father is injured and can no longer work, Latif has to drop out of school and work at his uncle's store to support his family. With the soccer team falling apart, Latif turns to the penguin book for inspiration and learns about teamwork and determination. Will he be able to save his team and win the tournament? Follow Latif's journey of perseverance, love of learning, and community leadership in "The Sétif Penguin Flyers."


The End.

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