Frequently Asked Questions

Publishing on Amazon

How do I publish a book to Amazon?

Start by creating a story. The story you produce will have a “Publish to Amazon” button beside it. Click that button to initiate the process of publishing a book to Amazon.

Why do I have to edit my books before publishing them?

We take a strong anti-spam approach, and we only allow users to publish books that have substantial human contributions. The US Copyright Office has also issued guidance that AI driven books may not be copyrightable unless they have substantial human input.

How much does it cost to publish books to Amazon?

We charge 200 tokens to publish a book on Amazon. These 200 tokens equate to roughly $10. When joining, we give users about 60 tokens to get started on our platform, so to publish a book on Amazon most users will have to purchase roughly 140 additional tokens.

How can I make money publishing books to Amazon?

Authors earn 70% of the non-Amazon revenue for books sold. This works out to roughly $3.50 per book sold on Amazon. pays these royalties to authors the month after the book is sold.

How does pay me for the money I make on Amazon?

For now, we’ll deposit money on your credit card. We’re working on a feature that will let us deposit royalties directly into your bank account.

Who owns the copyright to stories created on

Stories created by AI alone, without human editing, may be ineligible for copyright protection. users who edit their stories significantly own the copyright to those stories.


What is is a platform that helps people generate, edit, publish, monetize and enjoy stories using AI.

How can I create a story?

Creating a story is a breeze! Just go to Create Story, enter a prompt of your choice, and hit submit. In no time, you'll have a delightful story generated for you.!

Do I need to learn how to write prompts?

No, our platform is user-friendly and intuitive. However, for optimized results, we recommend going through our prompts guide page.

Is this platform free to use?

Absolutely! For new users, we provide a few tokens to help you explore and get started. If you find yourself captivated by the platform, you can always opt to refill your tokens and unlock more features.

I want to download a story as a PDF. How can I do this?

We don’t yet have this feature available.

My story didn’t generate? Why not?

Please send us a message here!

I’m experiencing a technical error.

Please send us a message here!

Can I share my stories?

Yes, please feel free to share stories with friends.

Are stories public or private?

Users have the ability to set the privacy of stories they create, and to delete stories as well. So a story can be set to public, made private, or deleted entirely.

I'm not fond of the images generated for my story. What can I do?

No worries! You can regenerate the images until you find the perfect fit. If you make changes to your story text, the images will adjust accordingly to match your updated narrative. Our goal is to ensure you're thrilled with the final outcome!

Payments and Pricing

Is there a subscription fee?

No, operates on a token-based commercialization system. Users pay for tokens, which can be used to access various features. Tokens come with a one-year expiry from the date of purchase and are a one-time purchase with no recurring charges.


How can I reach out for more queries or support?

You can directly reach out to us using the contact-us form here on our website.